HUF Clothing now available!!


Huf– just hearing his name takes me back. Pretty far back.

In 1996 I was a sophomore in high school and my friends and I skated every day.  We didn’t go to school dances or kick ass parties—we skated a shit load; stole beer and cigarettes from our folks; and got into trouble. Like most sophomores I didn’t have a car or a license, so if I wanted to go hit some spots I was at the mercy of others.  Most the time I would roll with Joel and Alex, pretty normal dudes. But sometimes I rode with Chris…

Chris was not normal. He was the dude that your parents hated because they got a call from the police at 1 am and you were with him. He was the kid who got suspended for ditching school in third grade. He was the dude who cleaned up the Butcher’s department at Ralphs and snuck out with a few packs of Reds and some Buds every night.  He was also the dude who was infatuated with Huf…

He loved Huf cause he skated fast as hell and had “mad pop.”  He’d always talk about how dope Huf was and how he was better than your favorite Pro. He would always talk to  himself before he tried something, just before he tried to ollie the big three at Bernardo he said “f*ck this, Huf could do this” then he pushed as hard as he could screaming “no breaks” and threw his ass down the set. Half the time he would wreck himself but every now and then he would land some bangers.

At any rate, when I see the Huf product I can’t help but think of seeing that raggedy 16 year old kid smoking a Malboro Red sitting on a twelver of Bud Heavies.  Pieces like the Drink up shirt (fuck it, drink up), the HUF Dirt Bag Crew shirt, the One and Only shirt with the smoking Indian… All reminds me of growing up skating and having fun.

The beauty of Huf as a brand is that Huf as a person is a skateboarder. And as a bunch of skaters they are just having fun with the brand while at the same time making really cool shit.