Hover Bros

What would be better than flying? Nothing. What would still be pretty awesome? Hoverboards. Finally! After all those years of imagining myself flying around the backyard on my hoverboard as a small child, technology has finally caught up to when Marty went Back to the Future. I even had a Back to the Future skateboard/scooter but it was no match to what my heart longed for. Dream no more, the (close enough for now to a) hoverboard is now a reality and will only get better with time. If you didn’t know, Jetpacks also now exist, which was another technical ecstasy brought to life. If anyone from AUS is out there reading this, it would be rad for you to figure out how to get your hands on one of these ‘hovering’ bad boys, try it out, and see if it sucks or not. Until then, I’ll continue to dream of the day where my commute is merely a flash of light, maybe a couple sounds that would be heard on The Jetsons, and an array of lovely smells to accompany my quixotic travels.

SIDE NOTE: I in no way condone or back the use of these wannabe hoverboards. If you use these you’re at great risk of being beaten up severely or looking like Adam Lambert.


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