Hotty Whitesnake


I’ve been going through my photo archives, mainly organizing my snapshots from the past few years, and have been totally reliving the past. I’ll be editing up some stuff and posting it soon.

So I was going through a group of photos from a Neoproto video premier years ago, and came across a snapshot of one of my best friends- Scotty Wittlake. We used to hang out a lot back in Truckee; I lived on his couch for months during the winter and springs. We also were both very into bicycling, and still are. He’s been a bike courier in Portland for a few years now, and I haven’t been able to visit as much as I’d like. He even sold his truck so bikes, hitchhiking, and skateboards are his modes of transportation now.

Scott’s a badass and has been a huge influence on me in the past. He’s a very intelligent and kind person, and will do literally anything for a friend in need. He’s seen a lot in his young life; his grandkids (if they are ever created) are going to be amazed by his stories. Anyways… here are a few photos of him.






p.s. If you didn’t know, Scotty used to ride for Active Ride Shop. Check out the Active movie “One” to see a very unique video part.