Hotspots: Garvanza Park

Hotspots is a new video series I am starting which shows, well, which spots are “hot” right now. I am starting it with Garvanza Park, which is in Highland Park behind Burbank Middle School, which isn’t close to Burbank at all. We always end up going there before during or to end a session. What sucks is it doesn’t open until 2pm. If you go right at 2, its perfect. You can skate pretty much by yourself for almost an hour until around 3 when all the kids get out of school.

A bunch of homies make apperances in this video; Theotis Beasley, Bobby Worrest, Luan De Oliveira (winner of 2007 GVR), Felipe Ortiz (not Gustavo, which he is named in the video, since Scuba told me the wrong name), Scuba Steve, Mike Anderson of Krooked, Ned Casual, and Jacob Van Orden who you might remember from the first Am Spotlight we did a couple months ago. We will continue this series, let us know if you know any hot spots, or have any ideas of how we could make it better. Hope everybody likes it.

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the song is (I’d Go) The Whole Wide World by the monkees but this isn’t the version by the monkees. Does anyone know who sings this version?