Hot Dogs in West Covina!

For the past two summers I’ve been going out to participate in the Active Hot Dogs and Hessians events that have become a staple in So-Cal summer skater fun. All the other times I went I wasn't paid to be there and never really had a promo budget to give out free stuff but I did anyways. This year, I do get paid to be there, I do have a promo budget to give out free stuff, and guess what? I locked the product in my other Van forgot the keys in another car and had nothing but me and boys there to have a good time, skate, shake hands, and kiss babies! How’s that? So goes my first HD&H’s event as the Van’s Grass Roots Visual Marketing Manager.. YEAH! Good job Dan! ha ha… but anyways, enough about me its about the kids!  

We rolled up 11 deep to the kid swarmed West Covina Skatepark about an hour late but jumped right in were there was a double set contest well heated on the west side of the park. You would have had a hard time knowing it was going on because there were so many kids there skating. Some how Corey (Active lead Hessian) was rocking the mic full rocker hair shirtless and sun glassed.. a true warrior in the war for shirtlessness.. but he handled the chaos like a champ, threw out some prizes and we were off and over the 8 stair for some kid carnage as they like lemmings starting hucking themselves down the 8 set.. Feeling guilty for botching the product giveaway I took over the mic and emceed the rest of the blood bath giving Corey a chance to go out and do what he does best, ROCK!

Soon after a late flip won the 8 stair event we crowded the few hundred kids into the center of the park and started the melee of fist fights that somewhat resembles a mosh pit from a Slipknot show called the “PRODUCT TOSS” .. If you haven't seen one, well, basically its a bunch of kids fighting over free product thrown up in the air by different vendors attending the event which results in a battle royal of sorts, best man (or girl) standing.. you would think they were throwing gold nuggets the way these kids get down for this stuff.. anyways.. good fun..

Erica (the Active Diva of Promotions) put in the call the event was over and we announced that the Black Label “Back in Black” video was going to be premiered a couple of miles away at the San Dimas Active location.. We opted to go skate Chino and being old and fat like I am, pushed my luck and took an amazing chest slam in the deep end of a hesh sesh! Fresh meat baby, fresh meat!See you Laguna Hills next week.. oh yeah, I’m the old guy with a gut and a black eye, come over and say HI, this time I will have product.. promise!
Thanks as always: The ACTIVE summer Hessian crew! Vans (I guess, we did show up even if we forgot the product), Speed at Ezekiel, Brian Young at Split, the boys of Black Label (wasn't sure who was there but they had a tent up), Ogio (who I saw roll up near the end, better late than never, right?), Anthony Shetler, Pat Rakestraw, Rob Gonzales and Vern Laird (LISTEN up Kids! this is dope stuff), all my Vans flow kids for getting in the mix and having a good time, and all the kids (that's right YOU!) for coming out and making it was it is, a good time!