Hot Dogs in Norco & Riverside!

Hot Dogs in Norco was huge. Kids came from all over the county to hang out, skate with the hessians, have luge races, best trick contests, and of course hot dogs as far as the eye can see. Even the Angry Skateboarder Showed up to skate the park. Once the best trick contests started up at Norco Huber Skatepark, the boys were separated from the men. There were a few injuries, nothing too major and there was even a kid who did a back-flip on a razor that went down. Super X-Treme. Unfortunately, we were only looking to hook up a skateboarder for best trick. We hooked up Melvin who threw down a bunch of tricks down the long five at Norco and Mike Runion won the second best trick contest with a b/s flip from the pyramid into the tranny section.

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Video by Daniel Haney


All Photos Erica Yary

Riverside’s turn out was amazing minus the fact that we got shut down without doing the metal matches. Also, minus the fact that we didn’t get to give out the pizzas we ordered for the good people of Riverside due to health code reasons. It takes numerous permits of sorts to give away food on a whim. We still brought the heat with a launch ramp jam that Sean from Riverside killed along with our buddy and Active Team Rider Mike Franklin aka Owen.