Hot Dogs & Hessians Venice Beach


Words: Corey Cady- Venice is awesome! It has a certain type of bohemian charm that keeps people coming and business men scoffing at all of the so called “freaks” every weekend. Parking is a mess, but not a problem if you have a skateboard. The Landscaping of Venice Beach is inhibited by vegans, burn outs, street performers, vendors and other various attention grabbers that are always up to something.

Skateboarders have been part of the landscape in Venice for decades as well. Starting with the classic Dogtown crew, we've all seen the movies. Later with the Z boys like Jesse Martinez and his crew getting down with jump ramp jams and basically destroying every inch of that place. Then to the nineties where the Girl, Chocolate, and World teams would clock tons of amazing footage that really pushed street skating forward. In short, Venice is street skating.

Given that amazing history and skating there growing up, I was all about getting one of our great events set up on the beach for a long time. Now with our Flagship store being opened in Santa Monica, teaming up with eS for the, hands down, biggest and best flat ground tournament in the World, was a perfect fit in honoring the deep respect we have for the Venice Beach skateboarding heritage. Mark Waters from eS secured the permits and the date was set.

The turn-out was mind blowing. We had about 200 competitors and couple thousand plus spectators. The eS crew did an amazing job running the contest and the Active Hessians crew got down with the Venice public. The talent pool was deep and I was impressed with a lot of positive attitudes. I didn't get the name of the winner, but from my vantage point, everyone on that Beach was a winner. Cheesy, I know, but sometimes things really do come together sweet when you have people who are passionate and our passion is the promotion of skateboarding. Thanks Mark Waters, Shane Wallace, and all my boys in the Hessians club!!!



haha I love how you “censored” a few t-shirts. other skateshops whose name not be mentioned im guessing