Hot Dogs & Hessians Long Beach

Words: Corey Cady
In search of the Long Beach Bad Ass, Active's Hesh crew mounted an assault on the Long Beach Houghton skate park. While teaming up with the Red Bull girls, it was clear that all were in for a straight blessing. Chow was served, in the form of Hot Dogs baby!

The Long Beach park is awesome and the skaters more colorful and talented than anywhere! You have to understand that this is one of the only parks in So Cal that stays totally spray painted all year round with some sick artwork from local heads. That's how the Locals are; they want it street and that's how it's going to be.

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Video by: Daniel Haney

We set out to find that “Bad ASS” and we came out with three. Winning the best trick down the big blocks was Mikey, who skates with a young P-Rodness ability. In the big bowl area was Russell showing his skate muscle in various forms. Lip tricks, big airs, and a flowing style! PJ got down over the can with an arsenal of tricks including a tre- flip tail grab. This dude has a wicked style and crazy pop. I told him to drop a video our way ASAP!

In conclusion, the Hessians roll on to the next stop. Looking to bless more Bad Asses w/ free gear and the attention they deserve. You know who you are and we'll see you at the next celebration! Check the tour stop listing for the next stop near you. If there aren't any in your area, make a trip to one any way you can. We'll share Red Bulls and Dogs!!

Thanks to the Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards crew for coming out to the shop including Sean Malto and Active rider Kenny Anderson.

P.S. What's up Beaver!! Hellava ripper man!!