Hot Dogs & Hessians in Lake Elsinore

Words: Corey Cady
Lake Elsinore is always really hot in the summer and the Hessians were at its mercy! This was not slowing down the locals one bit! After filling their bellies with dog meat the boys hit the big kicker and attacked some gnarly airs. Dolan going huge, Chase Webb mixing up a ton of tricks, Anthony air walking, Big Red getting G'd, and Dakota walking away with a hard fought kickflip indy for the win. Right after, they hit up the big stairs and chucked their dog meat filled bellies down them. Chase Webb hit it big time with 10 tricks in 10 minutes or something, most notably a kickflip board, which was a big hit with the crowd and they crowned Chase Webb the winner! We ended the day with a roll down the hill jam to a product toss. Itchy baby! Itchy!

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video by Daniel Haney

Someone noted the video was completed with the expertise of an up and coming photogapher……….