Hot Dogs & Hessians at Simi Valley Skatelab

Simi Valley Crowd

Last Friday, the Hessians piled out of the van to bring complete skateboard mayhem to Simi Valley's Skatelab. After posting up the tent and the grill, the smell of sweet ketchup filled the atmosphere like turkey on Thanksgiving.


Hot dogs were being consumed faster than any of the hessians had ever seen! The hessians wanted to start giving free gear away, but only if a brave soul accomplished some challenges. Luckily, a few courageous individuals took the dares and ate dogs off the floor, with grass in the bun, and even with ABC gum! This was, by far, one of the rowdiest crowds Active had ever drawn! Just when you thought things couldn't get crazier, the Vestal bus parked and out came the members of the Hessian ridden band, Veins of Jenna. After their adoring fans gave the band members room to breathe, the best trick contests began. Everybody swarmed into Skatelab and watched those who thought they had what it took compete for the free goodies that were at stake. One of Simi Valley's finest, Sean Foy (who is also an employee of Active Simi Valley) took home the prize package which included shoes from Podium, a deck, and a bunch of other free gear. The second best trick contest was completely ruled by a Simi local who shall only go by “The Axe Murderer”. The contests wrapped up and everyone ran to watch the band's performance. The crowd was insane! Product was flying through the air, and the fans were going crazy. Needless to say this was by far one of the best stops the hessians have seen yet, but don't stress, there are many more to come.

all photos: Tammy Taylor

Video by Daniel Haney

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At first I thought some guys dressed up in 80’s glam rock outfits showed up having got the wrong idea about what hessians dressed like, but then I realized that those guys are actually members of the current band veins of jenna. I hope someone fed those guys something they look like they haven’t eaten in days.

I can’t believe I missed it! I live like 2 miles away from Skatelab. I’ve been to a signing there and it was crazy!