Hot Dogs and Hessians – Vegas

The Hessians packed the van full of skaters and headed out to the city of lights. What isn't awesome about Sin City? Nothing. Vegas is rad and the kids are even radder. We infiltrated Anthem Skatepark in Henderson, NV and there was a crew of locals awaiting our arrival.

Video by Daniel Haney

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The 118° heat didn't affect the event at all and kids in Vegas skate like they don't even notice the concrete was on fire. After best trick contests and BBQing, we ended the day in a Vegas style product toss and hi fives to last until next year when we will be back again.

All Photos: Erica Yary


im not hating, you are the one who hates on yourself. you only want people to see you, thats why you have thirty thousand differents edits of the same footage.

sorry, but no to dylan, whoever he is. i saw him that and the nollie made me throw up. also, reid, stop jocking yourself. not everyone wants to see you, but you.

Hey i’m the kid from Anthem skatepark i was trying full cab off that ledge thing. i was curious as to whether i could get that footey for my own personal use?