Hot Dogs And Hessians Escondido Video and Wrap

Words By: Corey Cady

The hessians made the trip to San Diego for the Escondido eS Game of SKATE. It was almost hot enough to cook the dogs right on the ground! But the hessians didn’t mind the heat; in fact, they looked at the sky and laughed with menacing screams!

Tim Thomas was the champ for the eS game, but the hood rats who came out were the real stars of the day. They came out claiming their territory prison yard style. Scuffles and boards being jacked are unfortunately common at most skate events.

Video by Daniel Haney

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I loved it! It was a full street skating deal with a real street vibe to boot. After two fights I quickly broke up, I had to threaten to shut down the whole deal and pack up the $5,000 dollars worth of giveaways. I had to be the lame guy who reminds the rowdy teenagers that skateboarding isn't about fighting and it's a positive outlet for our often misguided feelings. I was backed into a corner, those kids made me be that guy and really, who wants to be that guy? Of course this got everybody back on track and cheering for the talented boys in the tournament. Our winner, Tim Thomas was stoked to advance to the next round and we were also pleased to hear he has a baby on the way! Go Tim!

active doesnt know how to throw a contest you guys blow especcaily the one in rancho the locals only contest sucked

go cory .. but if your looking for a fight i got one for you.. …….. we know what men like.. mithum guard hahahahahahahahahahahahaha