Heel Bruise Griptape Art Contest

Congratulations to Clarence!! The Heel Bruise guys picked yours as their favorite grip job!!

Nice work Clarence…nice work.



Black griptape with colored bolts…Boring! I like to see some creativity! And so do our friends over at Heel Bruise.

So here’s the contest: Send us a picture of your best griptape¬† job. It could be a quote from a song, a cool cut job or even a fancy art piece. Whatever it is, make it creative! Just take a picture of it and send it to [email protected] by July 9th. Richard and Thomas over from Heel Bruise will pick their favorite one. Here’s what you win:

  • 1 Heel Bruise hat
  • 2 Heel Bruise shirts
  • 1 sticker pack
  • 1 Heel Bruise Elephant Print. Limited Edition of 40 (size 19″ x 25″)




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…check out a few we’ve received so far

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