HD&H at Chino Park

Words: Corey Cady

The cops locked up Chino Skatepark before we arrived. After talking to the cops we where able to stage the BBQ in the park and run some games. Once the cops left, we sent our filmer to the Ayala four stairs, located outside the skatepark area. We told the skaters to run some tricks for the camera, while the crew and I had a food fight with the kids. After some fun games we busted out a product toss and Haney (our filmer) clocked a ton of good footage for the web site.

Video by Daniel Haney

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I shouldn’t have been so vague, I didn’t mean to be such a critic. Lots of your other filming is very good, and yes unique.
I guess I can understand how you might have been a bit rushed on account of the police!

you clowns at the top need to keep your comments to yourselves. pure garbage comin out of those mouths. filmin a little shakey one day. please bless us with your tripod-like arms and boring ideas. go put on your helmet and push mongo.

yeah. i was a little shakey that day guys. sorry. will improve it for next time. thanks for the feedback though. But, mike, how do you mean the mk1 mod is killing you. and why should anyones filming ever not look unique. You think it would look good if all filmers footage looked the same?