HB Game of Skate

 Huntington Beach has such a rad skate history. In most recent history Huntington was home to the ever entertaining Piss Drunx/ Warner crew in the late 90’s. With such cast memebers as Andrew Reynolds, Dustin Dollin, Jim Greco, Erik Ellington, and Ellisa Steamer to name a few. With such high caliber folks all skating and partyting together, then throw in the fact that the major video magazine at the time (411), who practically never covered any skaters outside of Orange County California. You have the making for a hot bed of skateboardign activity.

 Now fasrt forward to 10+ years later and HB is known by it’s nickname “I.E. by the Sea”. Every cat has a memebership to a fight gym and wears the most God aweful T’s. It’s the stereotype of the area and of our time for sure. But there’s hope!

 Hosting Huntington Beach’s first game of skate showed promise to our once rich skate land. Alot of beach blonde surfer boys who can handle some tricks, inland homies ready to see some babes and play some serious flatground game. Another young man who recently arrived from Miami named Steven knocked out the competion with a ton of double flip variations and crazy Dolphin flip combos.

 In closing, I get so excited to see kids, people, and grandmas who break the traditional stereotypes and have the balls to be themselves. Nazi’s burn in hell, Bro’s chock on your beers, and Ho’s you ain’t cute!

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