Happy Accidents

One of my favorite cameras (film) is the Holga. It’s a very cheaply constructed all plastic camera, even the lens is plasitc. They cost around $20. It’s considered a toy camera, mainly because they you can’t expect good photos from it… good being getting controlled expected photos. They come out with different results all the time, having light leak in through where the film is and putting odd streaks on the film. It also gives a surrealistic look with a heavy vignette (dark corners). Each photo came out like a piece of art.

These days with perfect technology in digital photography you don’t get these “artsy” results. …but I’ve done it (hipster applause)!! All you have to do is somehow corrupt your memory card. Usually this would make a professional photographer cry and freak out. Now you don’t want this to happen all the time, but if you were shooting something that you could redo it’s no big deal.

So I was shooting Corey Smith a couple years ago during Neoproto’s “Some Kinda Life”, while he was jumping off a cliff and purposely landing on the bottom of the cliff’s rock as a landing (he was way before his time with these stunts). Luckily I was shooting a sequence with a very fast motordrive, which got me about 24 frames of the trick. I submitted all the shots to Transworld and they wanted to run the sequence. They informed me that one shot was corrupt (bad), but it was ok since they only wanted about 16 of the shots and it would look smooth. They ended up running a 2 page spread of it in the December 2005 issue.

Here is the corrupt file. I’m actually excited with the way it came out, since you wouldn’t usually go into Photoshop and create something like this. It’s basically a happy accident, a total piece of abstract art.