GVR 2007 Photos and Results


The Active Team was killing it at GVR this weekend. Billy Marks, Andrew Reynolds, Tyler Hendley, Terell Robinson, Danilo Cerezini and David Loy all went home with at least a grand and some went home with over 10K! Congrats to all of the day's winners and the Regular Team!

Taken from: http://etniesskate.com/

Regular Wins It!

A big congrats to team Regular for winning etnies GvR '07! After two years of being taken out by the Goofies, it was due time for a Regular comeback! Also big ups to Luan de Olivera for taking first place. You may not have heard of him yet, but be prepared:

Also, shout outs to Rick McCrank and Lake Forest local Tyler Hendley for winning VIP! Here's the results!

1. Luan De Oliveira
2. Rick McCrank
3. Sean Malto
4. David Loy
5. Leo Romero
6. Ryan Sheckler
7. Fabrizio Santos
8. Andrew Reynolds
9. Billy Marks
10. Tulio de Oliveira
11. Kurtis Colamonico
12. Ryan DeCenzo
13. Andrew Langi
14. Vince del Valle
15. Terell Robinson

MVP: Rick McCrank

Tyler Hendley!
16. Jereme Rogers
17. Nyjah Houston
18. Tyler Hendley
19. Danny Cerezini
20. Chad Fernandez
21. Nick Fiorini
22. Greg Lutzka
23. Alex Olson
24. Jordan Hoffart
25. Morgan Smith
26. Collin Provost
27. Darrell Stanton
28. Taylor Bingaman
29. Rodrigo Leal
30. Joey Brezinski

MVP: Tyler Hendley
Luan de Olivera