Go Skateboarding Day with Element – Wrap Up

Muska in Costa Mesa

The Element skateboards crew headed out to Active of Costa Mesa to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day in all it's glory. There were a couple hundred Costa Mesans and almost the entire Element Team present for the grand event. Not only did Element show up and skate with the good people of Costa Mesa, they also BBQ'd some burgers and hot dogs, played some music, gave out free drinks and had Sambazon show up to give everyone free Açaí samples. Chad Muska, Chad Tim Tim, Tony Tave, Tosh Townend, Brant Atchley, Justin Schulte, Nyjah Huston, Colin Provost, Mike Barker and additional Element riders hung out and signed autographs for all of the kids who attended the event that decided to take Go Skateboarding Day literally.

After the Costa Mesa event everyone headed over to the World Premiere of Element's new video “This Is My Element” at the Lido Theatre in Newport Beach, CA. There were a ton of people waiting in line to see the video and it was, as always, a star studded event. The video was conceptual and different that other Element videos of the past. Without giving anything away make sure you check out the new video from beginning til the very end, you won't want to miss a thing.

For more photos from the event check out Transworld's website!

Congratulations to the Element team and staff on the release of their new video! Thanks to everyone at Element including, Ryan Kingman, Ryan DeWitt, Jardine Hammond, Todd Larson, and everyone else who helped coordinate the day's events. Thanks to Costa Mesa for making this event known in the community and getting all of the eager skate fans out to the event!


I should have gone to the signing instead of skating in Los Alamitos with my friends. We got kicked out of ten spots in less than two hours. It was pretty crappy. Couldn’t even get one trick in. Should have gone to active!

haha…. im in the red altamont shirt but u cant see my face cuz Chad Muska is blocking it, and im in the one next to it. (im just telling you this because i think im cool but i know im not)