Go Skateboarding Day Ohio Wrap

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Good afternoon friends in the great world of skateboarding! Today I have absolutely nothing to be angry about. Last week I experienced one of the greatest events in skateboarding history. If you didn't know, some of the Active crew and I flew to Kettering, Ohio to for Go Skateboarding day at the DC Skate Plaza. Here is the wild story of how we got there.

Shane Wallace, Steve Berra, Corey Cady, Daniel Haney, and I were supposed to fly out Wednesday morning at 11:35am. Shane and Steve made their flight. Corey, Daniel and I did not. L.A traffic sucks.

I immediately scrambled to get us on another flight to get to Ohio by the morning. After an hour on the phone, the gentleman I was talking to made it happen but it wasn't going to be a walk in the park. We were able to catch a plane at 5:00pm. We chilled at LAX for a good 5-6 hours before getting on the plane to Salt Lake City, Utah. We had to eat so we went to Dick Clark's restaurant in the airport. Boy was that a mistake! When we got there we had a 3 hour layover until our next flight to Atlanta, Georgia. Finally we got on the plane and headed out. We arrived in Atlanta at 4:30am. Now if you ever been to the airport in Atlanta you should know that it takes two hours just to walk across the airport. I believe it's the largest in the world. After walking a good 10 miles then realizing that you can just catch a shuttle across the airport we sat and hung out until 7:35am to catch the last plane to Dayton, Ohio. At last we had made it to Dayton at 9:30am! Mind you, none of us had slept the whole time because it is nearly impossible to sleep on the plane in your tiny little seat. We felt like sardines in a can on that Delta flight. We got off the plane and immediately ran around to get everything we needed for the event. At the DC plaza we set up our tents, barbeque, and other random things. We kicked off the event and started cooking. After the hot dog feast was finished we did numerous best trick contest’s. What we like to call Hundred Dollar Hammer’s! This was the first cash event at the DC Plaza where local shredder’s won all the money. This was hands down the coolest event ever. I would like to give a few shout out's to the people that made this all possible. If it weren't for these people we would have never been able to make this event as great as it was. Thanks to Rob Dyrdek, Steve Berra, Mike Taylor, Devine Calloway, Sean Malto. All of our industry friends Chris Carter, Steve Buddeneck, Matt Williams, Dan Donovan, George Trelut, Shane Wallace, Corey Cady, Erica Yary, Alex Yang, and Daniel Haney. I know there is a huge list of people I have forgotten but what do you expect when you haven't had much sleep in the past couple of days. Thanks to all the wonderful people who came out to the event. The kid's and parent's in the Dayton/Kettering Ohio area are the most wonderful and most grateful people I have ever met. Not to mention the kid's who drove hours to get there. We here at Active love you and thank you for making this event second to none. I can not tell you how much I enjoyed doing this event. Who would have known cooking a million hot dogs could be so much fun. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!! Expect big things to come to the East Coast from Active, Alien Workshop, Habitat, and DC shoes.

Greg Custer Formally known as The Angry Skateboarder.


Video by Daniel Haney

i got shoes and a new deck..
my freiends got stolen..
and my lil’ buddy tyler nation appears alot in there..

and i think i saw my little brother in the beginning.

Well ill be damned! who knew this could take place. How good were the ex tabs over there buddy?