Go Skateboarding Day! Hot Dogs in OHIO!

June 21st, 2006- GO SKATEBOARDING DAY! We traveled all around America and found that the DC Skate Plaza was the place to be! Joined with the likes of professionals such as Steve Berra, Jim Greco, Kerry Getz, and more, our Go Skateboarding Day went off! Alien Workshop, Habitat, & Reflex all had many other team riders present as well! Thanks to the help of all of the Ohio resident skateboarders, the day couldn’t have been better. Unfortunately, I was not there to witness the madness myself, but everything everyone who attended has told me has been nothing but four star reviews. We cooked Hot Dogs, gave out Red Bulls, sodas, and waters and gave out a ton of product for everyone in sight- just the way we like it!

Thanks to the City of Kettering, DNA Distribution, Red Bull, the Hessians, Steve Berra, Jim Greco, Shane Wallace and others for making this event a great and memorable event for everyone.

See you next year???