The STITCH: Girls Can Skate Too – Brittney Conrad

The other day at the skatepark I was awestruck by a long-haired blonde beauty who was shredding tranny.  I immediately had to meet this girl and ask her a couple of questions.  It’s not every day you get to see a fellow lady killing it at the skatepark.  She goes by the name of Brittney Conrad, and she’s repping it for all of us ladies! She also is the newest member of Chino Hill’s Active Army team! Get to know her name, this chick is definitely going places!

Filmed & edited by Ryan Neddeau

Song: Did You See the Words by Animal Collective

Till then!


© TheStitch

I love katrinas posts! im really not feeling much of the womens blog (work on your shiit ladies) good jon katrina! cant wait to see more blog entries!

Brittney Conrad is awesome!! You are true man she is killing it at the skatepark. Pretty superbly filmed and edited the video!! I’ll come again to watch cooler video like this. Thanks :)