Girl & Chocolate @ Active HQ!

The TRUNK BOYZ went H.A.M. at the Active headquarters last night! The Girl & Chocolate team demolished the Active Park in honor of Pretty Sweet. At the end of the demolition demonstration, there was a #prettysweet signing. BIG thanks to Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Raven Tershy, Cory Kennedy, Elijah Berle, Sean Malto, Chris Roberts, & Mike Mo for cruising through, signing autographs, shredding, & stoking out the fans!

Stay tuned for footage!

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Can you please let me know what is up with the “Sip and Destroy” mugs? My friend and I want to know where to get them. But I’m assuming they are sort of a “homies only” thing or maybe just samples before being sold. Please let me know where and when they’ll be available, what colors they’re gonna be and any other product specifications you would be willing to share?