Gantry Hill Interview

Video by Aleks Lewandowski

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Scott Mackey on Gantry HillI handpicked Gantry Hill to represent Active Valencia because he is the greatest. Smooth style on and off that skateboard. Sick folding skills like you wouldn’t believe. Gantry is a true skateboarder. On his lunch break you can catch him skating in the parking lot or killing the pacman record.


Interview by Aleks LewandowskiName?Gantry HillAge?22Years skating?About 7 or 8 years nowWhere are you from?I grew up in the San Fernando Valley:Granada Hills.So what's a typical day like in the valley?Well, lately the routine has been looking like this:my brother Garrett and I get a wake up call pretty early from Aleks Lewandowski. We meet up at his house and get starbucks or jamba juice, which is where we usually decide where to go skate. From there we'll head out and skate until it gets dark. If everyone's feeling up for it, we'll go out and light some spots up. That's what usually ends up happening. When I get home, I'll play the guitar (or guitar hero) for a bit, watch some Curb Your Enthusiasm, and fall asleep.Who do you skate with?Garrett, Aleks Lewandowski, Jimmy Carlin, Brett Mielke, Sean Bolis, and Vic Zanoni.So you ride for active skate shop, how did that come about?My friend was riding for the Valencia shop and introduced me to some of the dudes up there. We got along real well and it seemed like a cool idea to ride for them and they were down. I'm psyched on the shop!Your brother (Garrett Hill) just turned pro for zero, right?Yep! I'm so psyched for him, man. He's put in so much effort and hard work and I think the timing was perfect for Zero to turn him pro. We had a big party for him the other night at our friend's house. It was rad! Go buy his board, kids!You guys have a really awesome relationship, How is it skating with each other?It's great:Garr's the raddest dude to skate with! A lot of our friends who we grew up with didn't really get along with their brothers or just had different interests and kinda went their separate ways. Garr and I have always been real close and I'm really psyched on that. And it's cool because I always have someone to skate with!You ride for Osiris right?Yeah, I'm on flow. Garrett got me hooked up with that. The guys down at Osiris are awesome.When you’re not skating, what are you doing?I play the guitar quite a bit:Garrett and I recently got a banjo, a mandolin, and some ukuleles. Now we just have to learn how to play them all! Other than that, I like to hang out with my pals, play pool, listen to music, and make fun of bros. I know you have a band, what’s the name and what’s it about?Well:(laughs)::.You see all these lame bands nowadays with names like “Taking Back Sunday” and “My Chemical Romance”. We thought of the bro-est band name we could think of and came up with “My Sinister Handshake”! Basically all of the songs are written from a bro's perspective:raised trucks, frat parties, etc. It's Garrett, myself, and our friends Brett and Danny. The songs are pretty funny. We're planning on making a myspace page for it, too! We've got like 7 or 8 of them written. I think we're going to record one of them tomorrow. Aside from that though, my friend Danny and I jam a lot and have been known to write some tunes that aren't so bro-esque!


1 thing you couldn't live without?My family. 1 thing you could live without?WarDo you feel that there is anything wrong with skating in 2007?No, skateboarding is skateboarding:it's always rad!Would you like to thank anybody?I'd like to thank my brother Garrett, my family, Aleks Lewandowski, Brett “The Canadian” Mielke, GVG, Sean Bolis, Mike Fitz, Cuong Ling, Shigeo, Winterburg, Barnaby Manchest, Sean and Mackey at Active, all of my good buddies in the valley, and God.Any advice / Last words ?Chill Yah!

Does anybody know the name of the first song where thier skatin the red curbs? thats such a good sesh song

yo what up aleks garret guterball and gantry.its good to see you guy’s are still shredding hard.
if you guy’s ever read this.
its dan from long beach
im in canada now but i need to contact you aleks
if you read this whats the best way to send you something
just dont know how to find you ?
need to talk asap) $20000000
your face is on a box of cereal in canada???
this is not a joke

He’s the most neurotic, amazing, talanted skater ever; he and Garrett are the most dynamic duo to ever be put on this planet, and let’s face it JESUS PUT THEM ON THIS PLANET TO SKATE!
They rip together and not together(?).

Gantry Hill rules.

and…Shaina, quit being such a ho and go post a myspace bulletin.

dude, this is sick as ****. thats rad that garrett and gantry are 2 brothers athat rip and skate together like best friends.

yo that **** is most deffinatley in there GAN MAN, yall representin the good times of sk8boardin….. thats what I’m talkin bout and we be keepin it irey for damn sure…..IREY…….
cheers, here’s to the stoney times…..
good edit alex you son of a *****….

gantry is a bro just like me! we hang out and go to phrat parties and listen to chemical Romance together.

curb skating rules! slappys are just as much a part of everyday skating as flat rails, boxes, benches, or games of s.k.a.t.e.