Game of Skate with Frijoles Blancos

Four different Games of Skate going down for the month of November!

The Skateboarding Luchador “Frijoles Blancos”

Active Irvine Spectrum  Game of Skate Sunday November 8th 12pm

Active Huntington Beach Game of Skate Thursday November 12th 6pm

Active Escondido Game of Skate Friday November 13th 5pm

Active Riverside Game of Skate Sunday November 15th 4pm

No early registration necessary and no age divisions. One winner takes all prize package from Active. Active Irvine Spectrum store located at 71 Fortune Drive, Space 816 Irvine, CA 92616


thats why he cant skate good it ways him down, the hair comes out of his shirt and gets caught in his wheel