Ivan “The Terrible” Victorious Again

Ivan The Terrible will come to your game and mess you up!!

Tustin cleared the store and packed it out with some stinky skaters. This was a winner take all game of skate contest. The Rosemead crew headed down to score keep the action and Forest Skateboards threw down some free prizes.

Now Ivan man… that dude is rulimg these games. The homie has won 4 out of the last 5 games we’ve hosted. He only lost once at the Chino game to the dude who won whole shabang. Not bad Ivan!

We’ll see Ivan and the rest of ya this Sunday May 17th at Active Huntington Beach 6pm for another game of skate contest. 155 street sutie 11 Huntington Beach, CA 92618. Cruise the sweet babies all day, then hit the store for the game. Now that’s a good time!!

The question is. Who is going to dethrone Ivan?

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