Game of Skate and HD&H Take Over Orange Active

Orange Crowd

Sunday, June 10th, 2007 was a day that shall go down in Active history! The heat was rising, the hessians were raging, and the parking lot was filling up with contestants who wanted to compete in what would turn out to be one of the largest eS Game of Skate's on record.


To be exact, 192 eager skateboarders signed up to take home the winning title and prizes. The competition was strenuous but luckily the hessians were giving out free hot dogs, Chipotle burritos, waters, Rockstar energy drinks, and the Redbull girls showed up to provide even more energy to the skateboarders that were growing weary. The competition was getting fierce and aside from the almost 200 competitors, there were about 400 onlookers who were on the edge of their seats waiting to see who would be the champion. When it was down to the final six Mark Waters and his team from eS narrowed the area to compete down to one isle which included one game of skate between six contenders. IT WAS INTENSE! Everyone gathered around like moths to a light to await the announcement of who the champion would be. One by one skaters were eliminated, and the winner was one of Active's finest team riders, Donnie Mitchell. Congratulations to Donnie, Val Arkenstone who rides for Active Simi Valley, and the rest of the top 6!

all photos: Tammy Taylor

Yeah, I’m in picture number 6. Crazy game of Skate! Would have entered if there were less competitors. Donny Mitchell is super good. He needs more coverage. Gonna see him in the San Diego Game of Skate. Hope he wins!