@Scott I have one problem, I was going over to my friend’s house yesterday and I decided to drop of the envelope in the mailbox along the way. I forgot to put your name on it so sorry about that. I just wrote down the address that was on the sticker pack page before it was deleted. Is their anyway you will still receive it because I don’t want anyone else confused about the envelope.

@Scott Larock Is it still ok for me to send the $5 soon because I couldn’t send the money a long time ago. I was busy with many things for the past few weeks and my friends are wondering why I don’t have my active stickers for them yet.

I want this really bad! I don’t have enough time or money to go down to active to even but a shirt! S I have to buy cheep blank shirts! This would be so nice to win!

it’s a few hundred dollars worth of stuff. If you click the image it’ll tell you what you get and when the contest ends…