Recap: Fourstar Team Signing @ Active Long Beach!

How often do you get to meet your favorite pro’s? Meeting them has always been anticipating yet intimidating, especially with legends like Guy Mariano, Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, Brian Anderson, Ishod Wair, Andrew Brophy, & Tyler Bledsoe on the line-up!… The Fourstar Team came through Active Long Beach on Saturday and drew in an endless crowd! Many fans of the Fourstar team came from all over Southern California (and who knows where else) just to see their favorite pros. Everyone who attended received a raffle ticket to win a whole Fourstar collection of either a Guy, Koston, Carroll, or O’Neill line. Thanks to everybody who came out! Here are some photos from that day:

First dudes in line!
The first dudes in line!

The line went around the whole building!
The line wrapped around the entire building.

the youthful patrons
Bro’s in line!

collectable series
the homie brought in his entire deck collection of Fourstar team riders to sign.

Iggy set the old Mouse flick on loop mode!

guy & carroll
Guy & Carroll greets you at the door

mariano display

raffle box
raffle box

Sam Smyth in the house!
Sam Smyth in the house!

pizza pizza
pizza pizza!

seconds before Guy & Carroll came
seconds before Guy & Carroll rolls up

Mike Carroll & Guy Mariano Vine Time

Mike Carroll & Guy Mariano among anticipated fans

Guy Mariano
it appears to me that Guy & Carroll were using the Vine app

Rick Howard & Guy Mariano
Rick Howard in the house!

Rick Howard

Guy, Mario, & Tyler Bledsoe

First signers

Mike Carroll & Guy Mariano Vine Time
More Vine time

Guy Mariano signing

Pizza Break
Pizza time

Brian Anderson signing
B.A.!!! Totally forgot to bring my Jump Off A Building VHS for him to sign!!!… blowing it!

Ishod Wair & Shane O'Neill
Ishod Wair & Shane O’Neill!

Guy Mariano, Kevin
Guy, Kevin, Carroll, Fabian, & Rick Howard!

Tony & Javan!
Tony & Javan came through!

Fourstar Team Signing at Active Long Beach!
Waited in line for a long time!

First kid in line! Gustavo!
The first kid in line! So stoked!

Gustavo came all the way from Baldwin Park and was the first in line.

the signing line outside!

fourstar team signing @ Active Long Beach!

Guy Mariano Fourstar Team Signing

Fourstar Team Signing @ Active Long Beach!

Fourstar Team Signing @ Active Long Beach!

Ishod Wair left handed cast signing

Eric Koston arrives!
Koston arrives fashionably late after coming back from the Masters!

The crowd around Eric Koston
The crowd gathers around Koston.

Eric Koston

Brian Anderson & Andrew Brophy!
B.A. & Brophy

Mike Carroll Vine time w/ Eric Koston
More Vine Time (I’m in this one)

Eric Koston

Guy Mariano & Stoked Mom!
The moms are all about Mariano!

Guy Mariano old Mouse Graphic
Old Girl graphic

Mike Carroll Gone Metal!
Black Metal Carroll!

Brian Anderson!


Rick Howard & Eric Koston signing

Mom bought this for son's birthday!
This mom bought this for her son’s birthday! He’ll be stoked!

Board signed!
Active deck signed by the Fourstar team!

Koston & BK!
Koston & BK!

Show 'em!
This crew came in deep!

BA giving friendly talk
BA giving friendly talk

Eric raffle box
Eric & the raffle box is ready!

Long Beach local
Long Beach Local!

Sam Smyth Announcing the Raffle
Sam Smyth announcing the raffle

Guy Mariano calling the raffle out
Guy Mariano calling out the raffle winner for his Fourstar collection line.

First winner
First winner too stoked for a facial expression!

Mike Carroll calling the next number
Carroll calling out the next raffle ticket winner for his Fourstar set.

Second Winner
She won!

Shane O'Neill raffle
Shane O’Neill for the next raffle ticket winner!

Eric Koston Raffle
Koston raffle ticket

Winner of the Eric Koston Fourstar Collection
This dude won!

Pound it!
Pound it!

Kevin Scott & Fabian Herrera
Kevin Scott & Fabian Herrera Bro-ing out!

"Can you follow me on instagram?!"
“Can you follow me on instagram?!?!”

Fourstar Team Signing @ Active Long Beach

#skateboardinggirl active super star fans!
future #skateboardinggirl active ride shop super fans!

#kostonfilter it’s all really love in disguise…

#kostonfilter crew!
The innocent youth!

Kevin Scott & Fabian Herrera!
Kevin Scott & Fabian Herrera!

B.A. Fan!
B.A. fan stoked looks speechless. Wearing the BA Designed Indy logo hat!

Board for her son's birthday!
Another loving mother surprising her son with a signed Girl deck!

Eric Koston!

Fourstar Team Signing @ Active Long Beach!

Guy Mariano & Tyler Bledsoe

Eric Koston, Iggy Lopez, & Guy Mariano!
Active Long Beach manager, Iggy Lopez with Eric Koston & Guy Mariano!

Fourstar Team Signing @ Active Long Beach

Tyler Bledsoe & a box full of socks!
Tyler Bledsoe leaves with a box full of socks!

End of the night!
Packing up! Thanks for everyone who made it out!!!