Fourplay with Ryan Thompson

Ryan wanted to let me know before I started his fourplay, “Just to let you know. I don’t put out on the first date, so keep your hands to yourself.”



1. New York City, best place to waste lots of money.

2. Vegas, best place to be totally fucked up and blend in.

3. Chicago, I have always had fun times.

4. Tokyo, a totally different world.



1. I Love Money- cause lets face it, I love money.

2. True Beauty- because that’s what I am.

3. Sober House- because that is what I will need.

4. Bachalorete- because if J-sak can get famous anyone can.



1. Budweiser.

2. Budweiser.

3. Budweiser.

4. Iced tea. You have to have some balance.


ANIMAL ATTACKS (unfavorite)-

1. Being attacked by a shark seems like an awful way to go because I am pretty sure that fealling one of your limbs rip off isn’t all that fun.

2. Getting malled by a grizzly bear comes in a close second, those guys seem pretty hungry and they do not have the best table manners either.

3. Having a Mountain Lion stalk you for hours before the “main event” just doesn’t seem right.

4. Getting attacked by a cougar sucks, i know this first hand! Unlike the mountain lion, Tilla Tequilla doesn’t stalk the victim she just feeds you excessive booze till you think she is hot.



RT just got back from the midwest, attending the 2009 Pee Wee Sherman Rail Jam & Active Open. Here’s a little video from it.

(if the video doesn’t show up, here’s the link- )