Fourplay™ with Zac Marben

Zac Marben. Not sure what I can say about him, except I’ve had the pleasure of watching his snowboarding abilities come a long way.

I first rode with him on the slopes of Mt Hood about 9 years ago, where he landed a cameo appearance in Pierre Minhondo’s (of People films) first movie titled “Mixed Elements”. It’s online on Vimeo or something I believe, if you want to check it out. Later Zac lived on our couch for the winter filming for Neoproto and he really started to make it happen. Fast forward a few years and he put out the amazing last part in “Down with People”.

I just had Fourplay™ with him, and this is what he said-

1. Musicians: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Warren Zevon, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison.

2. Over seas chicks: German, French, Spanish, Japanese

3. Best methods: Jamie Lynn, Terje, Bjorn Leines, Nicolas Mueller

4. Places to vacation this summer: Greece, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Bali

And while I have your attention…
Last night I was having a conversation with a friend on iChat, talking some shit, and then was shown this today-