FoundationTeam Signings Photos

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The Foundation skateboards team came out from far and wide for a two-stop signing extravaganza. The first of the two stops was Temecula Active and Chino Hills Active was the second stop. Both had great turnouts and everyone had their Foundation decks and gear ready to get signed. Thanks to Don Nguyen, Corey Duffel, Gareth Stehr, Abdias Rivera and the rest of the FOSKO crew, including Eric and Barker, for coming out to the signings and making them happen for us.

Photos: Erica Yary

khulahula- it`s not joke… u too suck! My favourites team is foundation and very funy team tearns!
abdias riveri its top ranked.! <3

Foundation is whack! Their team sucks, their graphics are weak & Corey Duffel is a MORON!