Foundation Team Signing Photos!

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The Foundation Team rolled out to our Orange and Chino stores to slap hands with F fans. New Pro, Angel Ramirez, was in effect along with super star Corey Duffel, who signed about a million “Duff Man” decks. It has to be the sickest graphic ever! Word is Matt Groening, Creator of the Simpsons, has seen it and loves it. Possible collaboration? I remember seeing Tony Hawk on the Simpson years ago. Maybe it’s time they got everyone’s favorite skate punk on there to freshen things up a bit! Big thanks to Foundation TM Eric Wall for cruising the team out and sharing behind the scenes stories of the Foundation Team on Thrasher’s King of the Road!

donnie ur a [email protected] for saying that about the signing. i didnt go to this one but i’ve gone to previous ones and they kick @ss. how dare you talk sshite about the foundation team, they are one of the best teams out there.