Fontana – Hot Dogs & Hessians Finale!

Fontana Skatepark is always the last stop of the Hot Dogs and Hessians Tour. Fontana has so many great people who love to skateboard and have a good time at their local park and we are lucky that they don’t mind us infiltrating it once in a while. We have done many events there but this year we had special guests Eric Koston, Billy Marks, Kenny Anderson and the infamous, Scuba Steve, out at the event for all the locals to hang and skate with.

Koston was mobbed most of the time but he had some time to skate around and enjoy the park. It was over 100 degrees and that didn’t stop the Fontana locals from throwing it down in best trick contests galore and getting craze up in the product toss.

Check out the footage and photos from the crazy day in Fontana and keep an eye out for some extra special stuff we will be creating revolving around Hot Dogs and Hessians and other 2007 events.

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Video by: Daniel Haney


All Photos: Erica Yary

numerous boss brains were at the training facility and stunts were contantly being administered throughout the day!! .. red bull girls were voluptuous and the red bull’s hum… couldn’t even compare, *girlgle girgle splaTTT!! hot dogzzz N’ hessIanS always an adventure !!

ha ! i was there and i threw a hotdog bun at one of the guys serving them
cause they ran out.
fun times……….

ha ! i was there and i threw a hotdog bun at one of the guys serving thme cause they ran out.
fun times……….