The New Look of Foam Magazine

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Over the past 6 months Foam magazine has made an incredible statement with the new direction they are taking. I was so excited when I heard that they brought on Kristina Dechter as the new editor and Chief. She previously worked at Lucky as an associate editor and was also a stylist at Paper. She eventually made the move to become the style editor at Time Out New York. She has an incredible fashion resume and is so casually sweet and sensibly chic with her style.  

The lastest issue of Foam has an incredible aray of fashion “must haves” and great gifts for the Holiday. The editorials on and were fabulous and brought me up to speed on the up and commers in the Fashion and Entertainment world!  The most recent Active ad is on page 47  so take a look and let me know what you think.  Obviously I am in love with it but I am curious to get some Fashionista Feedback!

If you haven’t flipped through a Foam Magazine recently then your are definitely missing out on what they have to offer.  Stop by your local Active and pick up a Free copy or click here to view it online.