Flight fight.

Right now I’m prepping for a trip with the TWS film crew, getting gear ready to board a plane. I’m not able to charge a client my traveling fees, so I’m being careful with every penny spent.

I have a very heavy flash kit, which is roughly 65 lbs full in the case. The past year or so, the airlines have been charging a ridiculous amount for baggage. They charge you per bag, and now have even lower weight limits on those bags. I used to be able to cram a ton a gear in a board bag and get away with it, and now they give me a rough time for putting clothing in it besides “just” a snowboard. Nazi style I tell you, I’m ready to fight them.

I’m a pretty light weight guy. So when they start telling me I’m 1-2 lbs over my baggage weight limit, I have to remind them I should be getting a credit weight allowance because I don’t weigh down the plane as much as some Americans.

So because of all this, my carry on is going to break my back I know it.

…and to top it all off, I will be going through Canadian Customs. If any pro snowboarder or photographer is reading this, you know the hell it is!! Wish me luck that I don’t get denied into their country.