Filmus Zine Release & Photo Show @ Kingswell Los Feliz

My good buddy and aspiring-skateboarding-photographer-extraordinaire, Jacob Messex from The Skateboard Mag just had his FILMUS zine release / photo show at Kingswell Los Feliz (a skate/tattoo shop/gallery run by Patrick Melcher & DJ Chavez). The first zine itself also holds film photography by Arto Saari, Matt Gottwig, Patrick Driscoll, & Sagan Lockhart.
Active Pro, Nuge was there spinning records. It was a fun night with all the homies that were there, check out the photos from that night!:

Filmus Zine Release @ Kingswell Los Feliz
Got there pretty early and found parking right out front of the shop!

Jacob Messex
Lo & Behold, it’s Jacob!

Jacob Messex Photos

Filmus Zine Release @ Kingswell Los Feliz
Filmus Zines



Jacob Signing my zine

Number 1 of 40
I bought the first one out of 40. It came with a rad limited tee that The Quiet Life made for the show.

Gilbert Crocket checking out the zine
I spy Gilbert Crockett checking out the zine.

Steve Hernandez, DJ Chavez, & Jacob Messex
Steve concealing his identity, DJ Chavez, & Jacob

Kingswell Los Feliz

Mikal, Eric, Randy, & Nakel
It’s a double stuffed oreo! Mikal, Eric McHenry, Randy Bruiser, & Nakel Smith.

David & Vincent checking out the flicks
Vincent Lurk Luevanos & David

Stereo Team by Jacob Messex

Ricky Webb!
Hey, why it’s Ricky Webb!

Full House @ Filmus Zine Release
trying to find the pizza!

Pizzanista Action
Peter Troy has it!

Jacob Messex selling zine to Eric McHenry
Jacob’s been slanging zines & prints all night!

Baker Boys Bros Scott Copalman, Jeff Lenoce, Shane Heyl, Steve Hernandez, & The Homie
The Baker Boys camp, Scotty Copalman, Jeff Lenoce, Shane Heyl, Steve Hernandez, & Purps!

Jacob is stoked!

Ellington & Ben Nordberg sighting, Dylan Rieder is in there behind the beanie.
I spotted Dylan Rieder in the back lookin’ GQ, but he’s behind the beanie. There’s Erik Ellington & Ben Nordberg, and a woman applying make-up.

Nuge & puppy


Erik Ellington & Don "Nuge" Nguyen @ Filmus Zine Release - Kingswell Los Feliz
Erik Ellington & Don Nguyen

Filmus Zine Release & Photo Show @ Kingswell Los Feliz

Filmus Zine Release & Photo Show @ Kingswell Los Feliz
I spy Active & Stereo team rider, Ben Fisher.

Ben Fisher!
it’s Ben!

Vincent Luevanos & Oscar Meza
Oscar Meza with a warm hello.


Alex Valdez & Dylan Rieder sighting
There’s Alex in the presence of team handsome’s Dylan Rieder.

Kingswell Los Feliz

Tara & Mackey
Tara & Mackey from HUF here with the zine!

Roll Dawgs Zine in the house
Roll Dawgs Zine in the house! Durso & Claire.

Oscar Meza & Daniel Loren
Oscar & Daniel Loren from Bliss Wheels

Skate Spot App
Daniel was showing me his skate spot app

Crowded House @ Kingswell

TSM's Jeremy Adams, Jacob Messex, & Matt Price
The Skateboard Mag‘s Jeremy Adams, Jacob, & Matt Price!

Jacob & Atiba
Jacob & Atiba Jefferson in the house

Jacob's Ex-Girlfriends
Jacob’s ex-girlfriends made it 😉

Quiet Life Anf & Yessenia
Quiet Life Anf & his lady Yessenia

Julie 70707
Julie from the tumblr blog 70707

Danny Montoya, Jacob, & Johan Stuckey
Danny Montoya & Johan Stuckey… again I caught Jacob’s eye blink.

Scuba Steve & Oliver
Scuba Steve & Oliver Flores here!

Jerall & Jonas
Jerall & Jonas

Casey Sharkjustice


Marque & Jacob

Scotty, Seu, Sagan, & Jacob
Scotty, Sagan, & Jacob

Nuge & Jacob
Nuge & Jacob

Patrick Melcher
Patrick Melcher!

Ryan & Jacob
Rip N Dip Ryan & Jacob

Jacob ruling it.
Jacob nails


Slangin' zines &  prints
still slangin’ prints

Jacob & Lady Friend
and the ladies

Jacob & Clint
Good times with Clint Peterson!

SOLD! Good night!

Congrats on the show Jacob!