Fight Club, me v.s. T-bro.


If you haven’t checked out, then you take snowboarding too seriously or haven’t been on the internet since 1997. For some humorous trash talking, look through their archives.

They recently started a new series called “Fight Club”. I don’t know if I should feel honored, or bummed that I was part of the first one. They decided to put me up against one of my best friends, Sean Tedore.

For those of you who don’t know who Sean is, he was sponsored when Forum Snowboards first came out. He also was in the first Neoproto film, putting out a great part despite being held back because of his first of numerous knee injuries. He eventually had so many, that he retired from professional snowboarding and used his mechanical engineering degree to take the K2 Snowboarding snowboard designer job. He’s been doing that for a few years now, creating the “Believer” and other top selling K2 boards. You can find him in Seattle hanging out with Peter Line, or on myspace or something.

Anyways, check it out-

YOBEAT (click here)

The quotes are pretty funny.

My guess would be Custard catches an edge to the face from Robbie’s board, Robbie is so good…. the best Fight Club 2009! Get some!