FENDER Deluxe Series: Don “Nuge” Nguyen

Active Pro team rider, Don “Nuge” Nguyen gets featured on Fender’s Deluxe Series about creativity and his love for bass. Click below to watch the video.

Recently, we linked up with professional skateboarder Don “Nuge” Nguyen to talk about his love for playing bass.

“Life without bass would be like black-and-white TV, without color, because it wouldn’t be com-f***ing-plete,” he emphatically said.

A pro skateboarder who also plays in the band Arctic and owns a music-inspired clothing brand, the Nuge totally gets that there are “No Days Off” when it comes to being creative. He breaks down the similarities between music and skateboarding while applying a “No Rules” creative philosophy to both.

Filmed by legendary photographer Atiba Jefferson, this intimate portrait follows the Nuge as he cruises the streets of L.A. in his vintage Trans Am, prepares for a show with his band Arctic and plays his kickass new Deluxe Jazz Bass. A modern renaissance man, Nguyen once again raises the question, “Is it better to do burnouts or fade away?”