Favorite Skateboard Video Part of ALL TIME!!

Remeber the first time you saw Guy Mariano’s part in Fully Flared? JEEEZZZ!!! Or how about Jaime Thomas’s part in Welcome to Hell… or any John Cardiel part for that matter?! Those parts made you leave the house for days just to go skate…and get wrecked!! So who’s your favorite part? Let us know and we’ll put it on there…   And be sure to check back and see how your pick is doing in the poll….

What is your favorite video part of ALL TIME!?!?! Here are a few of ours... Post a comment and tell us who yours are and we'll add them to the list...

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Dustin Hart-Sec Strikes Back
watch the whole video on google video, switch frontside big-spin flip down the atlanta 4 block… i think yes. Get this kid a sponsor

any Bobby Puleo
any Cardiel
any Seth McCallum
any TNT
Frank Gerwer Cash Money Vagrant
any Gonz
any Rob Welsh