“Family Time” with Stephen Duke

Each week we will be spending a little quality family time with each of our snow team riders!  This week we caught up with Stephen Duke…here is what he had to say!

B.F.-  So What you Be Doing this Summer?

S.D.-  Skating a lot, surfing a little and partying the whole time.

B.F.-  Nice to hear you keep the dream alive!  So you have any good stories for us?

S.D.-  Well, just last week I walking into the living room of a house party we were at to see a good friend of my knocked out cold on the floor with someone kicking him in the ribs!

B.F.-  So what did you do?

S.D.-  I was pretty intoxicated so let’s just say that I was in no shape to be a hero!  the lumps on the back of my head tell what happened next!

B.F.-  So it’s good to hear your slowin down a bit!  So what’s next for Stephen Duke?

S.D.-  I’m going back to Tahoe to clean-up the gypsy filth that has polluted my beautiful scene!

B.F.-  I admire the passion! Then what?

S.D.-  I think I am getting kicked out of my house? It looks like I am going to be finding a new town to inhabit!

B.F.-  So your becoming a Gypsy?

S.D.-  Oh S#%t!  I guess I am going to have to kick my own a$$!