Fallen Team Signing Photos

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Here are the photos of the full day we had with the Fallen Team this past Sunday, December 7th. The Fallen Team including: Jamie Thomas, Tony Cervantes, Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Chris Cole, Tommy Sandoval, and Brian Slash Hansen were all representing for the Fallen team. The first stop was Riverside where there were hundreds of kids and it was no different when the team made their way over to Chino for the second signing of the day. Check out the photos from the day and if you like the shirt that Jamie Thomas has on, it will be available VERY soon on activerideshop.com! Thanks to the Fallen Team, Ian Berry, Active Chino and Riverside, Luke Nguyen and Kevin Kosha for making the events a success!

Check out Fallen’s photos and a clip of some skating the guys did before the signings!

All Photos: Erica Yary