Fallen Slash Shoe Review

In case you haven’t heard… Slash has a new shoe out right now on Fallen.  Check out what Slash has to say about it and then go pick up a pair and go skate!

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Shop Slash’s Fallen shoe here:



los fallen slash son en realidad muy lindos, tienen un estilo precioso los he acabado de comprar no he patinado con ellos pero creo que resistiran mucho

As a designer I am climbing ladders,stairs ect. My Fallen Slash shoes are so great, that I have all the girls working for me wearing them too. I’ve invested in the top of the line shoes from many high end companies. But these shoes are all around the very best.

these shoes are badass…execelnt board feel,durable and long lasting…well thats my opinion and im definetly getting the symbol tattooed on my chest =D

Just got the black and white, they look very nice.
I really like the blue/red/grey colorway, I really hope they put it out in stores sometime.

I actually just bought a pair and they or on my top five favorite shoes of all time for sure!