Fallen Demo – Serious as a Heart Attack

Saturday, November 11th- Day of the Demo- Once upon a time not too long ago, Fallen Footwear and Apparel did not exist. Now that it does, one might ponder, how did the skateboard community live without seeing this amazing group of skateboarders all together on one united team of superstars? That’s the shared question everyone who attended the Fallen demo pondered this past weekend.

They came; they destroyed and left no prisoners behind. Blaring Metallica may have been a contributing source towards the creation of makeshift street course obstacles that were jogging the line of insanity. Men, women and children came from all over Southern California to catch a glimpse of what may have been the best demo of 06, competing of course with Black Box brother, Zero skateboards' demo we held a few months back. The fact that they also threw out a couple thousand dollars worth of promo out and made it an early Christmas for Norco can not be left out either. No that wasn’t snow; it was bountiful amounts of Fallen shirts, hoodies, beanies and stickers cascading from the skies into the hands of the hundreds below.

How is the Fallen Team so talented? How does one get to be as good as the Fallen Team? These questions will always remain a Mystery that only Jamie Thomas has the answers to, locked deep within his cerebral cortex. These answers should not and will not be opened to the rest of the world. It's much better that they remain an enigma to modern man or else someone would use this information against them and in turn, it would be a fight between Good and Evil.

If there's nothing to do but hang out on the computer because it's freezing and snowing outside you may as well start your Christmas shopping early or make out a wish list that includes a pair Fallen shoes and a Zero and/or Mystery deck. What are you waiting for?!