Escondido Flatbar Fiesta – Wrap Up

Who Has The Worst Board?

The Flatbar Fiesta – Here's the deal, skateboarding in any town in Southern California is becoming such a mission of avoiding cops, paying wanna-be cops off, night missions, and traffic battles, that when your local shop decides to host an event where YOU get to skate a grip of flat bars, boxes, and rails without pads, without hassle from local authority, you show up, no questions asked. Then you find out they're making the event even sweeter by giving you, that's right giving YOU, free Chipotle burritos and/or pizza, and fueling your fire with free Red excuses you're THERE!!

Especially if one of your dreams is to make that amazing sponsor-me tape and send it to your dream company only to get turned pro immediately, it's nice to come to an event like the Flatbar Fiesta where there are representatives from companies such as DC, Independent, Spitfire, Real, and Nike SB to add to the vibe and offer you the chance to show some skill and kick it with the big dogs and make some sweet connections. The Flatbar Fiesta gave local kids a chance to ride with sponsored skateboarders as well as a chance to challenge one of Active Esco's proper ams to a game of S.K.A.T.E. for the opportunity to take his place on the team for a month, complete with his promo budget. There was a large product toss, a series of fun competitions such as: Worst Deck Challenge, High Ollie Challenge, Longest Manual, Spikiest Hair, Best Young Mustache, and of course Best Trick on every obstacle made this more than an event, it made it a FIESTA!

Words: Isaac Trevisan
Photos: Nick J