eS Trip – It’s a Wrap

Newly crowned eS Team Manager, Scuba Steve, sent me a couple more photos during their filming and Pho trip that the eS Team just finished. Bobby Worrest, Raymond Molinar, Justin Eldridge and Scuba Steve went and conquered Texas from what I have heard and you’ll be seeing it in the eS video soon enough. Although I could not use most of the photos due to many issues that would arise, including legal ones, here are a couple photos from Texas I thought ya’ll would enjoy.
Now go buy eS shoes!!


the es team is freakin awsome and once their video comes out I am buying that SOB. the es shoes are freakin awsome I was skating in a pair 10 minutes ago.

those pics are inspiration to me because that shows me how much fun you guys have just skating and you job being wat you love thats remember TRUSTEN ZAMORA because one of these years i will be having that much fun with you guys