eS Game of Skate Wrap-Up @ ASR

There’s always something brewing down at the ASR Tradeshow. This year was no different. There were thousands of people attending the expo and the Game of Skate was packed with people who were all eager to see who would win the $10,000 victory and be the 2006 Game of Skate champion crowned by eS Footwear and Boost Mobile. Some were cheering for the Thrasher Skater of the Year, Chris Cole. Others were rooting for his competitor, straight off of German soil, Alex Mizurov. Alex not only had to win the AM contest earlier in the day, but had to compete throughout the entire Pro contest and win all of the games to make it to the finals. This kid is a champion, and he proved it by beating out Cole in the final game. Congrats to Alex Mizorov, the 2006 eS Footwear Game of Skate! If you want to check out eS footwear's coverage of the event check out eS Footwear’s story

Enjoy the rest of the photos of everyone who was at tradeshow and enjoying the madness that is skateboarding!