Erik Ellington Picks a Winner


Erik stopped by to select a winner for the “Design your own Supra Double E Shoe” contest last week. Although there were hundreds of eager contestants, he studied each entry until he found his two favorite. So, without further delay, we bring you the winners of the Supra Double E Shoe contest.

Stephen Williams of Ozark, Alabama age 26 for his “Soldier Down” design


and Jordan Raths of Flagstaff, Arizona age 22 for his PD design


Congratulations to the winners of the contest! Also a big thank you to everybody to participated in the contest.


Erik says watch out for Brigada Eyewear dropping soon!

Erik Ellington had the PD way before dustin. dustin just puts it on his boards because erik ellingtons his father figure

well i asked and i got them… the first ones wouldnt be so bad if the rising sun print wasnt there. and the second ones are decent. i think erik didnt care really and picked the first 2 off the top

steven your a disrespectful idiot to the soldiers who are fighting for our country

i agree with jamez those shoes are ugly whoever designed those go get a freaking brain your shoes ******* suck

i agree with jake! i guess people are just jealous that they cant maek a career out of sk8ing so they hate on pros

Why do people complain about Erik and Jim’s skating? They are obviously pro for a reason. Until I see your name on a pro deck(not written on with permanent marker) I think you should show maybe a little more respect. But then again, what do I know? Just my opinion. Bash me if you want. It would be just as pointless as you bashing these two.

people are only hating because THEIR ****** shoe designs didnt get picked because they suck to much balls.

id buy the pd’s when they come out

what STFU praeski u dont know ****!!! erik ellington is a sick skater …you probably couldnt do half the **** he can …he has also had the most compfortable shoes i’ve ever had….go suck a dikk

I think that he probs wont make these into his pro model. and isnt that PD thing the Dustin DOllin logo?

ay praeski shut tha **** up u r just jealous cause double e is making it up tha top u just hate!!so shut up and stop hating u poser

those shoes look like crap!
i never bought eriks pro model never will. he cant skate for ****

i think my ideas were better than that but hey congrats to the winners,I would never wear those.

Man whoever said Grecco sucks can suck my balls

and those shoes really arent that great copared to some of the ohters entrees I saw

are you ******* joking me!!!??? those are both terrible shoes…. i would never buy those there terrible!!!

piss drunx one is not bad, the first one has waaay too many colors going on. brigada can suck it btw