Erik Ellington & Jim Greco – Deathwish!

Jim and Erik

Erik Ellington and Jim Greco dropped by Active last week to talk about Deathwish Skateboards and Brigada Eyewear. Deathwish Skateboards is official and ready for release. The Deathwish Pro Team is Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Antwuan Dixon, and Lizard King. The Deathwish Ams are Brian “Slash” Hansen and Ramiro ?Furby? Salcedo. ?Baker has a Deathwish? is the new promotional video that Baker Boys Distribution will be releasing in the coming weeks and Active will be holding a video premiere and signing with the Deathwish guys real soon. Keep checking back to see when you can be amongst the first to pick up the boards and video and get your copy signed by the whole team!

Check out the Baker Boys Distribution official site to see what?s going to be available soon!

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i wonder how deathwish boards are if their like the same as a baker deck spanky is soo gnarrr that dude can skate and ellington too, tk ehh not so much

lol the video doesnt even come out til like next year the PROMO video is whats out now, which is supposed to just be a bunch of random ****+second angles and of course awesome hi jinx and bud smoking.. baker/deathwish squad rocks.

Man Deathwish is gonna blow up. My nigga dixon is a beast!!! And tk ain’t a clown tommy c can go kill his self!!! Cutthoat/BAKER/ Deathwish!!!

Deathwish is going to be tha ****! Dixon is a fukkkin beast!!! An tk ain’t a clown tommy c can go kill himself. Cutthoat/baker/deathwish

pretty sick reynolds is gay he better not be in it all he does are frontside flip

Fallen is better =) chris cole,,sandoval,,cervantes,,marks,,harmony,,thomas are sikk

hell yeah!! there would be too many pros if they were all in baker!!i love this!baker and deathwish 4 life!!!!

i always said id like baker a lot more if it was primarily spanky reynolds herman and leo. Tk is a clown.
deathwish? ehhh whatever. dont get me wrong there all solid dudes, but…is this like a Girl – Chocolate thing?