Eric Koston Wins Tampa Pro 2007

Eric Koston Tamp Pro Winner

Eric Koston is at it again! This past weekend Eric Koston won his second Tampa Pro title. He took home $20,000 effortlessly. If you just watch the footage below, you can see that skating is way too easy for him.

He’s just laughing and having a good time. His last Tampa Pro victory was in 2002, and he’s taking it home again in 2007. If you think his Tampa run was amazing just wait for the Lakai video ?Fully Flared?. It should be dropping around June. So keep your eyes peeled for that. Congratulations Eric Koston you’re the man!

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To whom ever reading this that can contact Eric Koston, or if its him reading it himself. I would like to introduce him to a fine japanese dining cuisine located in Downtown LA, which where I work. If you have any intrest please contact me through my Email. Thank you very much.

whattheef!, you’re an idiot. I watched creager’s run. His best two tricks were a nollie b/s flip, which he did twice, and a switch 360 flip on flatground. He didn’t even make the top ten, so how did you expect him to win? You’re just a koston hater, plan and simple.

That run was gnarly man!!! Koston has certainly done some cool stuff before. This is just another one that just so happens to be better. I am a fan of tailslides and noseslides so when he 360 flipped to noseslide that was sick. I’m a sucker for 360 flips.

dude!! kostons run was sick! but i think Rogers should have won.. he didnt fall like koston dude… plus fakie flips are so much harder than switch heels!

all i have to say is ” ” nothing cause im speehless from that sexy run..whatheheef is dumb..koston didn’t win cause of his name….he earned it by doing a run better then anybody

i dont think that koston shouldve won…jereme pulled off some better tricks and actually landed them smoothly

i love your eric your so hoot u suck though you not even a good skater get a life i am way better seriously ur gay

kickflip bs tail, blunt to fakie, bs noseblunt down a rail, 360 flip noseslide, alleyoop transfer, fs flip switch manual, 360 flip, and kind of landed a switch heel down the stairs

not a good run? are you kidding me? maybe your only experience watching a pro is on video, but pros don’t land those kinds of tricks all in a row when you see them in person. rogers had a good run too, but i don’t think it was as good. and creager? he didn’t even earn top 10 in the contest, what the heck are you even rambling on about?

i see nothing amazing about that run, what the ****???? why did he win??? cause he is koston???? **** that………..Creager should have won or at least jereme rodgers…thats a sham! redo redo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! koston sucks!

I don’t know man…….it’s so hard to say if I really think Koston deserved to win…I think Jereme Rogers should have won best trick man Switch Inward Heelflip Tailslide I mean come on dude…that’s way harder then switchflip krooks…