Eric Koston, Steve Berra, & Tony Tave at Active


Eric Koston, Steve Berra, and Tony Tave all came into Active HQ recently and talked about all the stuff they have going on. Everyone is anxious for the Lakai video that Eric is filming for and Eric is busy spending his time skateboarding and filming for the video.

Steve Berra is back on the board skateboarding every day as much as he can filming for video parts and making sure he is always taking it to the next level. Steve has also been featured a bunch lately on Mtv's Rob and Big if you haven't noticed.


Tony Tave just got done traveling around the nation in support of the latest Element video, 'This Is My Element', that recently premiered. Active would like to congratulate Tony on getting the last part in 'This Is My Element'. When Tony was in here last week, he was preparing to to jet set off again for a weekend in Amsterdam. Tony was headed out to Amsterdam with a couple C1RCA riders for the Damn Am Amsterdam. Damn Am Amsterdam wrapped up this past weekend and Active Riders were in the top 10 at the contest. In the Street Finals Active Rider David Loy took 4th Place and Active Rider Justin Figueroa took 6th Place. Justin Figueroa also took 7th place in the Best Trick Finals. Congrats to Justin and David for doing well in Damn Am Amsterdam!

I hope you really belived that, since Carroll’s only full of **** (in a good way tho).

I can’t wait for a new Berra part!

It sucks so bad….. I was reading skateboarder magazine…. it was the section “In’N’Out” with Mike Carroll and under outs its says

“Skate Videos. They’re so last week. That’s why we cancelled Fully Flared”

The last time I saw Steve Berra in person it was at arroyo elementary school about 7 years ago. He had the same face then as he does now.